Make a Difference With Online Petitions That Are Smart

Online petitions are one of the best ways to make your voice heard on the social rights issues, human rights and animal rights issues that are important to you. The issue is deciding which actions to take part in. There are many different petition sites online, and even more petitions launch on a regular basis. Finding the right one for your signature can seem impossible. That is why you have to choose to follow the lead of the leaders in social rights and animal rights causes. They know it isn’t enough to gather signatures; participants must be educated on the issue, too.

Are online petitions effective?

Here is the key to making an online petition effective. You can send in a 100,000 signatures you garnered from social media but they won’t sway policy makers if only 10,000 of those signatures are considered to be follow-through voters. Follow-through voters are people who make an effort to stay on top of the changes in policy and actions taken for their issues. Online petitions matter when the names on them represent informed constituents.

Keeping the focus on what is important

The best way to make sure you are signing on with others who are as committed to your goals is to followup with petitions from reputable sites. What makes a site reputable? It isn’t a clearinghouse for all issues but keeps its focus on a few select categories. Lady Freethinker is set up according to focused categorization of issues that are not only hot topics, but tend to go together as common concerns for their members. While it is admirable to try to save every part of the world, effective advocates know they have to limit their efforts to maximize the use of their resources.

Staying on top of the news

Another sign of a reputable site is that they offer you more than petitions and dramatic posts. The posts and links on the site should serve to further the conversation about causes. Even better is if the site itself is sponsoring petitions. This is another way of focusing an effort. Instead of trying to inspire you to create your own and manage the petition, they are putting their online resources behind the issues you care about to make things happen.

Causes don’t fail

It’s important to remember that causes don’t fail. There are more social rights issues and human rights issues that need your attention than ever before. With the increased use of the Internet even animal rights issues are getting more of the attention that they deserve. The problem is that people’s passions often get overwhelmed by their responsibilities. This is another reason in favor of joining a focused cause site that promotes education and manages petitions too. It can go miles to keeping your passion alive so you never have to be in a position of regretting where you have put your focus in life. Causes need you to become solutions, and the Internet has created an opportunity to make things happen to heal the world at last.